CSGO Betting Sites

maxresdefaultThe world of CS:GO betting has been completely upended by Valve’s decision to cut off the ability of skin gambling sites to use the Steam Marketplace.

That decision means that CSGO gambling sites like CSGO Lounge and CSGO Jackpot are no longer viable options for people looking to bet on CS:GO matches or gamble skins.

Below are the top regulated, legal sites for CS:GO betting that are the best alternatives to skin gambling sites. We strongly suggest that you do not bet at skin gambling sites under current conditions, as your deposited skins may be lost.

CSGO Betting SiteExtrasAccepted DepositPlay Now 
betway logo5StarLogoExclusive Offer of $5 Free - No Deposit Neccssarycredit cardsButton_playnowUnfortunately, No US Players Accepted
cogofastlogo5StarLogoBet on eSports at Bet365 and get a $100 match bonus.credit cardsButton_playnowUnfortunately, No US Players Accepted


CSGO Gambling websites

CSGO gambling sites come in a number of flavors and focus on a variety of products. The most popular are skin gambling sites that allow you to wager skins on the outcome of a Counter-Strike (or other esports match). Also popular are more casino-style games such as lottery, jackpot, raffle, coin flip, roulette, and blackjack.

There are also cash-based gambling sites, which tend to focus exclusively on sportsbook-style bets. These sites are rapidly growing, but still lag far behind the popularity of CS:GO gambling websites that use skins as a currency.

CS:GO skin betting no longer an option

Thanks to a decision by Valve, it appears that skin betting is no longer going to be a functioning product, at least for the time being.

We’ve put together a guide to skin betting alternatives for those who are interested in continuing to bet on esports following Valve’s decision to cut off the skin gambling market. While some skin gambling sites are promising to return, we don’t think that it’s smart for players to risk skins by depositing them at a skin betting site at this particular point. The better way to bet on CS:GO is going to be through sportsbooks that offer CS:GO odds or other regulated ways to engage in CSGO betting.